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Bobby Jones Links. Where History and Innovation Really Do Play.

Bobby Jones Links

Our motto is Where History and Innovation Play. Not only was Bobby Jones one of the greatest golfers of all time, but after he sank the Grand Slam-winning putt on the 11th hole at Merion Golf Club, he became a serial entrepreneur and inventor. So, how well have we done to follow in his footsteps?

·  One of our clubs has no tee markers. Just pick a spot and play.

·  One of our clubs has a pro shop like an Apple store. No counter. Minimalist décor and displays. Golf ball and glove vending machines. Just iPads, a huge TV, and checking where you want.

·  One of our clubs has an amazing reversible golf course designed by Bob Cupp. It’s only one of four out of 14,000+ golf courses in the U.S.

·  We pioneered underground range ball shooting systems twenty years ago - 40,000 range balls shot in succession 200 yards from the maintenance building into the ball machine. Lots of labor was saved, and bad backs were prevented.

·  All of our daily fee and resort clubs use state-of-the-art dynamic pricing systems. Yields increase, and so does the bottom line.

·  One of our clubs has a Himalayas putting course like the famous one at St. Andrews, Scotland. It’s 12,000 square feet of very hilly fun, home to the Calamity Jane Putting Championship for professionals and amateurs alike.

·  Our clubs use the Entrepreneurial Operating System for more productive meetings and goal setting. This fast forwards the results our teams produce.

·  Our Big Giveaway marketing campaigns have sent customers to Australia, Scotland, Mexico, Japan, and Italy. It’s part of our go big or go home thinking.

·  One of our clubs is close to a 90% remote check-in rate. Customers can go straight from their car to the first tee without checking in the pro shop.

Add to the list: Bobby Jones Links was one of the first to adopt the Longleaf Tee System, TifTuf Bermuda grass, Talent Plus hiring, the Shark Experience in golf carts, and use of the Club Car Tempo robotic walk-behind cars.

These and other reasons are why Textron named us Innovator of the Year. Bobby Jones would be happy to see we have continued his legacy of invention, taking risks, and being a change leader.

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