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From 1916 to 1930, from Merion as a boy to Merion as a man, Bobby Jones set the golf world ablaze, playing in 52 tournaments, winning 23 of them, while more than half the time he was in high school or college. Of course, it all culminated with achieving the Grand Slam on the 11th hole at Merion on September 27, 1930. To think, just 22 years earlier he first swung a golf club in his backyard at East lake.

We think the “why” of it all for him was an inner drive to win that burned deep – that when combined with an innate talent only a few are born with made him such a magnificent champion. This desire to win rests in all of us to some degree. For Bobby Jones, it was molten to his core.

We don’t pretend we will ever be in his league – such rarified air – but like Jones, we intend to blaze a trail in our own way and in his name. We’ve assembled an all-star team of highly experienced club management professionals to make a difference. That is the why we are doing this. To make a difference for our clients and associates first. We know now after years at this craft that if we succeed in this, profits follow. Trite, but in our case, molten and to the core.

When Bobby Jones quit competitive golf at age 28, he became an entrepreneur, designing new Spalding golf clubs, starting Augusta National, founding The Masters, and owning and operating Coca-Cola bottling plants in the Americas, all the while practicing law. Restless was Bobby for change and new adventures.

We are too. We may follow the traditional path in some respects, but as managers of great clubs and terrific people, we don’t plan on sitting still or accepting the status quo.  That’s the other reason why we created Bobby Jones Links.

When you represent one of the greatest names in golf, you have an obligation to honor his legacy. We’ve lit the fire and now you know why.

Hire Bobby Jones Links and we’ll make a difference for you.

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