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Buying Power. Fact or Fiction?

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“We leverage our size and save you money.”

If you have entertained hiring a premier club management company, we’re sure you have heard this, particularly regarding procurement savings. Which leads to one of the questions prospective clients frequently ask us, “Can you really save us money on our purchases?”

The answer is a big “yes.”

One of the major benefits of hiring Bobby Jones Links, Troon, Kemper Sports, and others is our ability to leverage our size and deep industry relationships to save clubs money on their purchases.

How much can we save?

The amount you will save by leveraging Bobby Jones Links procurement power depends on what is being purchased. Smaller purchases such as supplies, pro shop merchandise, fertilizers, and food and beverage can range from 2% to 16%. However, the savings can be tens of thousands of dollars for major equipment purchases such as golf cars, maintenance equipment, or insurance, ranging from 10% to 25%.

For instance, Bobby Jones Links recently reduced the cost of purchasing a new fleet of golf carts for a Tennessee client by $73,000. At another club that replaced most of its maintenance equipment package, the savings were just over $140,000 due to our leverage, size, and industry relationships. Savings like that go straight to the bottom line.

Buying power. It’s a fact, not fiction.

And it often pays for most of our management fees. That’s a fact you should consider.

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