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Choosing a Country Club: The Importance of Social Groups and Activities
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Taking time to socialize while exploring new hobbies and interests is one of the main appeals of joining a country or golf club. When choosing the club that’s right for you, it’s important to consider the range of activities and events it offers. Clubs that have a wide range, like Hope Valley Country Club in Durham,  North Carolina, aim to keep members engaged and fulfilled by offering experiences that create a sense of community. Check out the array of social clubs and events below for inspiration as you’re searching for your own perfect country club.

Sports Programs  

Country clubs that offer sports programs like golf groups, tennis leagues, and swim teams create the opportunity for members to connect through the common love of their sport. Hope Valley Country Club features a number of these opportunities for members to connect, from competitions and golf-focused social activities that accommodate every age and skill level, to the junior, ladies, and men's golf associations that are the anchor of their golfing community. The club also caters to tennis lovers, offering access to popular and active USTA Leagues and a vibrant junior tennis program, as well as club tournaments, clinics, and lessons that cater to any skill level. Hope Valley Country Club is also a supporter of Operation 36, which is a program that introduces and guides women and juniors in playing golf. In addition, HVCC has both a kid pool and an Olympic size pool for lap swimming, so members of all ages and levels can enjoy the water. The club encourages junior swimmers to check out the HVCC Hurricanes Swim Team, which is a great opportunity for young members to practice the sport and form friendships.

Health + Wellness

A natural extension of sports offerings at a country club is general health and wellness offerings. HVCC conducts weekly low-strength training fitness classes to give members a chance to mingle while getting their heart rates up.

Collective Hobbies

Extending social clubs past fitness and sports to include leisure activities is key to crafting a well-rounded club atmosphere. These additional activities cater to those who prefer not to golf themselves, as well as avid golfers looking to connect on other topics or pick up another hobby. Hope Valley Country offers social activities like cards, trivia, bingo, and mahjong.


Another essential part of enriching club culture is offering classes and opportunities for members to try new things. Cooking classes, dance classes, lectures, wine tastings, and formal wine dinners are all offered at HVCC, inviting those who love these activities as well as those who are trying them out for the first time to share an experience together.  

Social Events

Various country clubs offer social events to give their members the ability to mingle with one another in a relaxed environment. Hope Valley Country Club provides movie nights, traditional summer BBQs, holiday celebrations, themed dinner nights, annual golf events, and more for members and their guests. These social get-togethers are a great way to meet others in your community.

Joining a country club can mean access to a plethora of social groups and activities to build relationships and explore interests. Research clubs in your area to see what social activities they have to offer, and visit to find out more about Hope Valley Country Club if you’re in The Triangle.

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