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Peace of Mind: We’ll Manage Your Club So It Does Not Manage You.
Steve Willy

We empathize with you.

This business of managing and owning a successful and profitable club today is a tough one. Declining golf participation, the overbuilding of golf courses, and the Millennials refusal to join clubs and play golf like their Boomer parents are headwinds every club faces today. Add employee turnover, skyrocketing cost of sales and payroll, member attrition, poor greens, lack of accountability, etc., and it is no fun at all.

Bobby Jones Links improves every property it manages. The average increase to the bottom line of our client clubs over the past seven years was $648,000. To be fair, we improved some clubs less than this. Yet, there are clubs we have moved the bottom-line needle by more than $1 million.

And to also be clear, our improvement to our clubs is not just about making them more profitable. It is greatly enhancing the customer and member experience, building high functioning management teams, training, better reporting, cost efficiencies, and much more.

However, as important as improving the profitably of a club remains, we found what most of our client owners really want to not have to worry about their club and to know it is being professionally managed.

For years we thought we were selling increase profitability, superb systems, solutions, expertise, experience, and resources, when we what we are really offering was peace of mind.

Hire Bobby Jones Links. Take a deep breath. We’ll take it from there. We’ll manage your club so it does not manage you.

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