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Ten Tips For A Successful Pro Shop
Mike Nolen

The pro shop.

It’s a business within a business. A major retail store that anywhere else would be a handful for a staff by itself, let alone trying to run a multitude of other operations at a club at the same time.

A well run pro shop should earn at least a 30% gross profit.

We offer these top 10 tips for the profitable and professional operation of a pro shop. Quite often when we take on new client club, we find that most of these golden rules are not being followed. We then train the staff to use these ten tools (and more) to revitalize this important part of a club’s profitability and customers’ enjoyment.


1.    Project Open to Buy dollars on forecasted rounds and usage. It’s simple math, really.

2.    Receive the merchandise monthly during the season to keep the shop fresh looking and compelling all the time.

3.    Turn merchandise at least three times per year. This will lead to more profits.

4.    Create visual appealing pro shop displays and change them often. Never, ever leave apparel in the plastic wrapping or put head covers over clubs you’d like to sell.

5.    Know the hot and cold zones and merchandise impulse items accordingly.

6.    Place pro shop fixtures strategically so customers have see as much of it as possible on their way to the pro shop counter.

7.    Cross merchandising is important for multiple sales. Example: merchandise hat, shirt, and shorts together to create interest for all three items.

8.    Create a full looking shop by stocking your entry table with the newest products.

9.    Rotate merchandise frequently to create fresh look in the golf shop.

10.  Make sure the staff wears what you sell. They’ll see it on them and you’ll sell more.

Of course, there are many more rules of thumb to a successful pro shop. Start with these 10 and you’ll do very well.

Or, hire Bobby Jones Links. We’ll knock it out of the park for you.

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