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The great statistician and consultant W. Edwards Deming notably said “In God We Trust. All Others Bring Data.” Deming was a champion of using data and measurement to properly understand and quantify current performance against a standard. He benchmarked.

It’s common knowledge robust data collection and analysis provides a solid foundation to begin problem solving - except it is often absent from the club business. We are still amazed at how many club boards and owners – some of the smartest and nicest people you can find – govern their clubs with either incomplete information or focus on the wrong data and metrics.

Bobby Jones Links provides the clients and boards we serve with the real information they need so the right decisions can be made. This includes:

·     Comparing your club’s balance sheet and income statement to industry averages and your competitive set. The real financial driver of success is capital investment and a growing, strong balance sheet. Ray Cronin from Club Benchmarking calls this “Net worth overtime (NWOT)” and states, “it is the true key performance indicator.”

·     Benchmarking your member and employee satisfaction, key revenue metrics, membership sales, rounds, NOI, etc., against your market peers and the “podium,” the top three across hundreds of like clubs in the U.S. Of course, all data is aggregated and confidential.

·     Providing you with an extensive market analysis so you will know exactly how your club stands in the market and where the opportunities are.  

By listening and getting to know you and your goals, and by performing an extensive market analysis, data analytics, benchmarking, and digging deep into your operations, we will provide you with a vision and business plan designed to make a big difference.

Our job is to know your club far better than you do.And this is why Bobby Jones Links is different from the rest. We dig deep.

We’ll bring the data if you bring the coffee!

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