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Branding has been around for a while….at least 4700 years in fact.  According to a Smithsonian article, Egyptian tomb artwork depicted livestock branding as far back as 2700 BC, a practice that still exists today!

Of course, few of us care about the brand on the hide of a cow.  But while logos identify companies and their products, brand strategy is critical in communicating the ethos of great organizations and in influencing the perceptions of their customers.  A brand is far more than a logo.  It is rather everything that logo represents that stirs the emotions of those who see it.

The great brands of our time….Coca-Cola, Nike, Apple, Ritz-Carlton, BMW, just to name a few…..all go to great lengths to build messaging and campaigns that consistently establish core values and culture that are appealing to the marketplace.  And that message is oftentimes not about the product.  Remember the iconic Coca-Cola ad wanting to “teach the world to sing in perfect harmony?"  That made you feel good about buying a coke.

As a company with one of the greatest brands of all time on our door, we work hard to incorporate the qualities of Bobby Jones in everything we do.  Courtesy.  Integrity.  Innovation.  We are using the character and legacy of the man to guide us in instilling and communicating a culture that is above and beyond anything seen in our industry to date.  Our company core purpose is “to make a difference”.  Our company motto is “Where History and Innovation Play”. Both of which Mr. Jones would be pleased to know.

Inspired by coaching from Chick-fil-A and Ritz-Carlton, we have invested in a Vice President of Culture and Training who is leading the charge in company-wide training and development.  We are not sure that position existed in our business. Until now.

Our associates undergo an intensive onboarding process that not only ensures the right fit, but also sets the tone for service expectations and culture.  Each BJL associate completes our comprehensive Carpe Diem training handbook and carries a card at all times that reinforces our core values, mission statement, and 17 service standards.  They also have access to Caddyshack, our online source for training videos, manuals, forms, budget templates, best practices, samples, and continued education.  We walk the walk. The result is an employee-centric culture and unparalleled customer service that our clients, members, and guests feel at every encounter.

Our culture is your culture….and we want you to experience it every time you interact with the Bobby Jones Links brand. When you represent Bobby Jones, you have an obligation to be the very best.

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The Bobby Jones name can be an asset to your club, but that’s not our focus. We realize every club is unique and its brand is special, which is why it is about you, not us, and why we always work in the background.