Covid-19 Update from Bobby Jones Links

The Grand Slam Academy features consistent, highly professional PGA and LPGA instruction to the members and customers of Bobby Jones Links clubs. It also serves as the innovation lab for golf instruction across all Bobby Jones Links’ properties.

Staying ahead of the curve

We don’t believe there is any one way or method to teach golf, yet there are certain fundamentals and principles that every golfer must learn. Grand Slam instructors share best practices and are required to remain on the vanguard of new teaching technology and ideas to ensure our students receive the very best instruction available.

Not just for experienced players

While our instructors teach Tour professionals and low handicap players, the focus of a Grand Slam Academy is to make the game fun and easy to learn for new golfers, particularly women and juniors. Through our partnership with U.S. Kids Golf our junior programs have up to 600 participants at some of our clubs.

Access to immersive experiences

Grand Slam Academy instructors have access to train at the Academy’s flagship property in Atlanta, Bobby Jones Golf Course, through one-on-one immersive experiences and annual seminars.  Also members and students of any Grand Slam Academy will have access to destination golf schools at Bobby Jones Golf Course and other company clubs in partnership with our portfolio's top teachers and technology.

High-tech or Old-school

New technology plays an important role. Many of our academies are equipped with state-of-the-art cameras, TrackMan4, Smart2Move Golf Force plates, Blast Motion, Superspeed, FocusBand headsets, and SAM Putt labs. However, we still believe a great instructor can be highly effective with just a bucket of balls and eager student working on the range.

A Grand Slam Academy at your club adds significant value and ensures golf instruction is as first class as the management Bobby Jones Links provides in every other area of your facility.

and Attentive

The principals of Bobby Jones Links own the company - we are not driven by investor expectations or private equity pressure. The benefit to you is happier associates and long-term thinking.

As a result, we don’t leverage our operational leadership across too many clubs. And unlike many companies in our business, we don’t require long-term management agreements with large breakup fees. If you like what we do, you’ll keep us. For more than two decades our clients have renewed our management services more than any other company.