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Bobby Jones Golf Course Featured on "Talking GolfGetaways" Podcast

We’re all lucky to play a game that offers golfers myriad great courses, full of different options and designs, all of them connecting us to talented architects, to creative thinking and design in using the land, and, in some way, to the history of the game we love. Perhaps no course in America connects all those dots, as well as adding new and exciting elements to its experience, like Bobby Jones Golf Course in Atlanta, Georgia.

On this episode of the “Talking GolfGetaways” podcast, Mitch Laurance shares his revelatory trip to Bobby Jones with co-host Darin Bunch and explains why it proved to be one of the most eye-and-heart-opening journeys he’s taken. Mitch begins with a description of a stop he made at the famous Oakland Cemetery on his way to the golf course, making a pilgrimage of sorts to Bobby Jones’ gravesite and paying homage to the legendary champion for whom the golf course was named. After a brief and grateful connection to Mr. Jones, Mitch travels the short distance to what will become, for him, the best combination of golf history, community partnership, creative course design and forward-thinking planning and execution he’s found anywhere in America.

Mitch details the history behind the Bobby Jones Golf Course, starting with its original opening in 1933 and progressing decades until a complete renovation and re-opening in 2018. Along the way, Mitch describes the partnership of the key people involved in a bold new vision: Attorneys Marty Elgison (who first felt the need to upgrade the distressed original course) and Chuck Palmer, Bob Jones IV (grandson of Bobby Jones), friends and investors who formed the Bobby Jones Golf Course Foundation, all of whom combined with Atlanta-based individuals, companies, and groups such as Delta, Club Car, Coca-Cola and PGA Tour Superstore and others to raise more than $30 million that was used for a total reshaping of the golf course and adjacent facilities.

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