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The New Bobby Jones Golf Course - A Reversible Masterpeice

Opening in 1932 as the first public golf course in Atlanta, 85 years of play had taken its toll, and Bobby Jones Golf Course was in dire need of a complete renovation. Three years and $33 million later, the result is a well-thought-out golf destination with something the entire public can enjoy.

From beginners to scratch golfers, Bobby Jones Golf Course now delivers an experience worthy of its namesake.  The $33 million was spent wisely, not only on the golf course but on facilities.  The updated clubhouse features ideal meeting space for hosting corporate and group events. Located just 15 miles north of the airport in the heart of Buckhead, the course is in a perfect position to attract golfers local to Atlanta, as well as those traveling into the busiest airport in the world.

Making the Game Available to the Public

The first words that come to mind when describing the new Bobby Jones Golf Course are innovative, unique, first-class, and ALL-INCLUSIVE. At Bobby Jones Golf Course, there’s truly something for everyone!  Golf operations consist of several programs designed to grow the game by providing junior and adaptive golfers opportunities to play golf.

Grand Slam Golf Academy at Bobby Jones Golf Course got a complete makeover to help support all the learning initiatives.  The academy complex is one of the most advanced public golf buildings in the Southeastern United States.

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