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The Ooltewah Club Featured on Channel 12 News

Ooltewah, TN - (WDEF-TV) Renovations have been the name of the game for golf courses over the last few years, and the Ooltewah Club is the latest to get a makeover. General manager Derek Montecalvo gives us a tour of some of the changes.

Said Montecalvo: ”Just a really beautiful property out here. It’s very peaceful and pretty rural. It had good bones. It was something that we felt like we really wanted to be proud of and have everybody be proud of it as well. We saw a beautiful creek kind of own this side of the golf course that goes through about 14 of our holes. That’s kind of a key feature for us. It comes into play pretty much on 75 percent of those holes of the 14 that are listed. It’s going to be mainly on your tee shot. But there are some instances where it does interact with the greens and some of your landing areas. Definitely have to place your shots very well. Well we re-routed the facility. So we brought in a golf course architect out of Atlanta by the name of Bob Cupp Jr. He kind of looked at our whole sight vision. Sight plan here. Kind of figured out a really good lay-out for the facility. Kind of one of the biggest changes we made. Number one used to be a dog leg left par five. We actually built an entire new hole, so there’s two holes on that existing piece of land there. We start off on a par three. It’s our first hole a par three. Kind of speeds up play right off the bat. Gives you a nice little welcoming environment. Front nine is going to be a little shorter and a little bit more of a play-ability type of shot, so you’re going to have to place your shots around the course. Going to be a little more accurate. Then when you get to the back, you have a little bit more room. But you do have to hit the ball a little bit longer. So two very different nines.”

Reporter: ”Why is renovation kind of the hot thing in golf right now?:”

Said Montcalvo: ”There’s a large influx of new golfers. So I’d say that’s been the biggest change for a lot of facilities that feel comfortable with committing the capital to doing projects like that is because they do see the influx of golfers.”

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