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Good Boards, Bad Boards, and Knowing The Difference

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Some club boards have mastered great governance and deliver remarkable results. Yet others fail miserably, creating more problems than they solve.

What follows is what we have learned from both, using this experience and knowledge to help our clubs govern more effectively.



⭐  Create a compelling vision for the club

⭐  Are fully committed

⭐  Follow an orientation process

⭐  Argue for the greater good without making It personal

⭐  Let the managers manage

⭐  Rely on data and facts

⭐  Hold a retreat each year

⭐  Challenge the status quo

⭐  Focus on capital Investment and creating value

⭐  Hold meetings that follow an agenda and have a time limit



⭐  Have personal agendas

⭐  Micromanage the staff

⭐  Have poor participation

⭐  Have secret meetings

⭐  Have domineering personalities

⭐  Lack of respect and trust for each other

⭐  Communicate poorly

⭐  Hold meetings that lack an agenda and last more than 90 minutes


Great club governance means adhering to certain time-tested best practices and principles. The key is to know the difference. That’s where we come in. We’ll help you build an effective board that is also rewarding to serve on.

Ironically, it will also free board members up to enjoy the club, which is why they joined in the first place.

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