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The Entrepreneurial Operating System. One of the Keys To Our Clubs Success.

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There are as many management systems as there are books on how to play better golf. Some are good, some are great, and some leave you with paralysis through analysis.

After considering many of them to make us a better company, we implemented the Entrepreneurial Operating System, or EOS, at all Bobby Jones Links clubs. It’s a powerful way of working on and in your business. You can find their information here:  

EOS is highly effective in setting goals, holding teams accountable, and gaining traction. The heart of the system is the Level 10 weekly meeting. For any business, it should be on the same day and same time of day every week and be limited to just 90 minutes. It includes establishing To Do’s and is masterful at IDS – identifying, discussing, and solving issues and problems.

EOS also includes quarterly Rock (goal) setting by the leadership teams, and a highly effective employee review called the 5-5-5. 

Not only do we use EOS at our Club Support Center (corporate office), but it’s also employed in every one of our clubs in each of their departments. Even some of our club boards use it. It expedites results and has created much better accountability.  Interestingly, everyone loves it as it also has reduced the number and length of meetings.

EOS took our management skills to a much higher level. Hire us, and we will teach your club how to do it too. How many management companies teach leadership and management like this? Not many.

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